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Some of the classical music news about the Olten Philharmonic Orchestra that took place in the press...


HABER TÜRK - 17.02.2024

Olten Philharmonic gave a concert in Amsterdam Olten Philharmonic Orchestra, with its team of 70 people, performed romantic works of names such as Gershwin, Mozart, Shaw, Williams, Bernstein, Silvestri, Morricone and Rota in the concert called "Valentine Classics at the Movies", under the conductorship of Murat Cem Orhan and the soloist of the famous French clarinetist Joe Christophe.


HABERLER - 10.03.2024

Olten Philharmonic Orchestra gave a Women's Day Concert in Gaziantep "Olten Philharmonic Orchestra" took the stage in Gaziantep as part of March 8 International Women's Day. According to the statement made by TMMOB Architects' Chambers Union Gaziantep Branch, the income obtained from the event, where the orchestra consisting of 17 women performed their popular songs, will be donated to earthquake victims.

MİLLİYET - 03.05.2024

Hanging Ticket in Art Olten Philharmonic Orchestra, which was established to provide employment for conservatory graduates, shares its experience of coming together with art lovers with students through the suspended ticket application.


YENİ BİRLİK - 23.03.2024

Daniel Ciobanu fascinated Izmir Olten Philharmonic Orchestra, which employs young talents who graduated from the conservatory, held a magnificent concert with world-famous piano player Daniel Ciobanu. Olten Philharmonic Orchestra, which once again amazed the art lovers of Izmir, received a long standing ovation.

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