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OLTEN PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA was founded in December 2013 by Electrical Engineer Ceyhan Olten and Industrial Engineer Fatma Olten. Although the engineer and industrialist Olten family had no connection with music and art other than being listeners and art lovers, they founded the philharmonic orchestra with the awareness that one of the important contributions to be made to the society they live in is to support art.

The primary purpose of the organization is to provide job opportunities to young artists who unfortunately cannot find employment opportunities after years of conservatory education and to support them in their education abroad.

Of course, the second purpose is to help artists introduce the society we live in to the universal language, bright and loving face of music, with the help of this platform we provide to artists.

And the ultimate goal is elegance; It is an effort to eliminate the society's lack of elegance, with the awareness that it is born from the unity of mind and emotions and that its most important source is art.

In summary, this is just an awareness project that society has gained.

Olten Philharmonic Orchestra started its regular concerts as of the 2014-2015 concert season, which was its first official season. He has hosted and continues to host tens of thousands of spectators, including children, in regular concerts that have continued since then.

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